Boeing 747-400

In a week, I will fly to Chicago for a special seminar on ministry to “emerging adults.” This is a relatively new term for people between the age of 19 and 30. It includes both Millennials and the oldest of Generation Z.

From there I will fly to Nashville for a second conference simply called Q (described as a place for church and industry leaders to thoughtfully navigate today’s culture).

From there I will fly to Indianapolis to meet with Nav20s staff and local leaders as we further develop the Nav20s ministry there.

It will be a very busy ten days of ministry and I need your help with the costs. The cost will include two conference registrations, five hotel nights in two cities, rental cars in three cities, and 21 personal meals (for a total of 31 different expenses). So, I am asking that you consider donating toward one of these 31 items.

Here’s the specifics:

Twenty-one meals at an average cost                                   $    10.50  ($220.50 total)

Flight to Chicago Midway on Southwest                              $  245.17

Rental car in Chicago                                                               $  130.99

Conference cost in Chicago                                                     $    40.00

Hotel stay in Chicago                                                                $  133.54

Flight to Nashville on Southwest                                            $  190.87

Rental car in Nashville                                                             $  199.96

Conference cost in Nashville                                                   $  409.00

Hotel stay in Nashville                                                              $  151.92

Flight to Indianapolis on Southwest                                       $  146.51

Rental car in Indianapolis                                                         $  132.95

Flight home to San Antonio on Southwest                             $  162.33

Total cost of this ten-day trip                                                           $2,163.74

Since this is an immediate need, please consider giving any of the indicated amounts (or another amount as God leads) in this next week (today would be great). It may take a few days for your support gift to process and I will need to declare all my expenses after I return to San Antonio.

The link to give electronically is: (this will take you to a secure webpage). You will receive a receipt for your gift from The Navigators.

You may be interested in why I am attending the two conferences. The Chicago conference is back-to-back talks from men and women in direct ministry to emerging adults. The focus here will be from “top Evangelical scholars presenting on what we know about the exodus of the younger generations from the church and how we can recapture a theology and lifestyle which draws them back into a relationship with God AND his church.”

The Nashville conference focuses more directly on the shifts that are occurring in our culture. They offer help me to “be equipped for the difficult conversations and extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead.”

As you can see, both these conferences will help me learn more about the people I seek to reach as non-Christians and influence (disciple/mentor/coach) as Christians. I also hope to be able to bring key concepts home to the staff I supervise in Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

Again the link to provide any amount of support is:

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Photographer: Salvatore Ventura

About discipling4life

I'm a firm believer in helping other men grow in their walks with Christ, not just for a year or two, but for as long as we're all alive. I'm a registered nurse by training, and serve on staff with The Navigators Nav20s Mission in San Antonio, Texas.

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